Valuable Tips to Clean Your AC Effectively

By June 18, 2017hvac

It is common practice to only clean your air conditioning system when it is no longer working the way it used to. The reason? We just don’t want to do the work or don’t know how.

Do not allow this to happen. Make sure that you regularly clean your AC system because if it gathers enough dust inside, it will be circulated inside your house. If it’s just dust alone, some might think that was too bad. However, what accompanies dust are allergens and bacteria that could be harmful to you. Regular cleaning will not only make your AC system more efficient, it will make the air inside your house cleaner. So you’re hitting two birds with one stone. You have an unit that gives your home the chill that you require from it and you’re getting a system that actually cleans the air in your house at the same time. Your family remains healthy and avoids potential harmful effects.
Valen Air-AC repair
Below are some tips on how you can maintain the cleanliness of your AC unit, which in turn will keep your family healthy. You’ll realize that it’s fairly easy to do but you may want to take it easy and let the professional technicians at Valen Air do the job for you.

  1. Clean the air filters of your AC every 3 months or sooner.  Cleaning them is easy, depending on what type of filter you have. For most, you will just have to buy a filter of the correct size and replace the old one. For others, you may have to remove the current filter and rise out with a hose and let dry before putting the filter back in.
  2. Clear the pathway of your ducts. Doing this process is as simple as using a vacuum on all your air vents and ensure that you perform regular cleaning of them to prevent debris from getting back to your unit. Duck cleaning is also possible, but unless you have the correct tools and training, you should really let a professional do this to avoid costly repairs.
  3. Leaks mean waste – when it comes to cleaning your AC system, the ultimate goal is to make it perform a lot better aside from ensuring that the air that’s circulating inside your house is clean. So, when we talk about cleaning your AC, you have to check the duct system also. Be careful to catch leaks, gaps, and holes. You have to ensure an airtight duct system so that the air that is produced has the temperature that you expect of it.
  4. Let us do regular maintenance work on your AC system – when your AC system isn’t working the way you want it to, cleaning isn’t the only solution. Sometimes, cleaning it will not fix the problem because there are times when the device itself is having problems.