Guide to AC Filters

By June 19, 2017hvac

What does an AC filter do?

AC filters are an important component of your home’s HVAC system. In a nutshell, they help ensure that the air circulating inside your property is clean – free of dust, bacteria, and other pollutants. Generally speaking, residential properties have at least 1 filter that works on the quality of the circulating indoor air in the entire area.

In order for your HVAC system to run efficiently in terms of providing quality indoor air, its air filters must be promptly and properly maintained. Uncleaned filters can lead to indoor air pollution which, according to studies and research, can be twice to five times as bad as the air pollution in highly urbanized and largely developed cities. Most people spend more time indoors than outdoors, which makes the role of HVAC air filters even more important.

There are a few more other things that many property owners are not aware of when it comes to AC filter replacement. You might not know them yourself, so it might be worth having a look at what we have to say below.

How long should you wait before replacing your AC filter?

Valen Air - Filter change
As a basic rule, AC filters must be replaced every one to two months for optimal results. You don’t want to have to keep checking on it every other day or week, so inspecting on a monthly basis is a good enough start.

Furthermore, there are a number of factors that affect the frequency at which you should replace your AC filter. For example, the presence of pets or a large number of occupants, and traffic volume in the property may require more frequent replacement intervals compared to properties that have less people, no pets, less traffic going on in them. The best way to find out is by asking your HVAC provider. They are the best people to ask advice from as they are professionals and are trained to assess and evaluate your unique and specific needs.

Why bother changing your filters, anyway?

Because of lack of information or education about the importance of clean filters, many people often underestimate the need to regularly replace or change them. The following are the top reasons why you should bother replacing your filters as needed:

  • To maintain the quality of air circulating inside your home: Dirty filters might cause allergens and dust to build up in the ducts, which could further lead to allergic reactions in some people who are hypersensitive to these elements.
  • To maintain the efficiency of your HVAC system: Clogged ducts due to dirty filters can cause the system to work more than it should in terms of delivering the desired amount of heating or cooling into the space. As a result, electricity bills could unnecessarily go up. If you don’t want to have to pay extra for something that’s otherwise preventable, make sure your AC filters are regularly cleaned and maintained. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes on your energy bill!
  • To lengthen the lifespan of your HVAC system: As earlier mentioned, uncleaned filters result in more work for the machine, which further increases wear and tear for the entire system. If you wish to maximize the lifespan of your prized HVAC investment, make sure that proper care and maintenance are done on a regular basis.

While replacing AC filters does not necessarily take too much time or effort, and not even money – it’s also quite an easy thing to forget doing. If you’re looking to have your AC filters replaced, make sure you call a professional HVAC specialist who is trained and skilled.