Furnace Repair and Replacement

Unfortunately, nothing is built to last forever. This means that sooner or later you are going to need to have your furnace looked at for a repair or replacement. You could try to ignore the issue, but having your home at the appropriate temperature is crucial to your comfort on a day to day basis, especially in the winter months.

Some people may be able to identify and fix the cause of the issue themselves, and that is great. But for most, having access to a professional may be the best choice considering safety and the potential dangers that can arise. Enlisting the help of an HVAC technician can help you save money. The reason being that in many cases a simple repair is all that is needed and not a full replacement of your unit.


In most cases, repair is the easiest course of action that most homeowners would think about, especially if your furnace is new or within its first 10 years of life.

Valen Air can resolve your issue at an affordable price while restoring your units efficiency. We follow a general principle that as long as the repairs to be done are less than one-third of the potential cost of a new heating system and the furnace is within the first half of its estimated lifespan, we would advise repair as the best option for you.


There are certain circumstances that furnace repair is not the best option to restore your furnace to its optimal functionality. Consistent service calls for your furnace or if your unit has lived past it estimated life span are two of these reasons.

Here are some of the common signs that your furnace needs to be repaired or replaced:

• when you have high energy bills
• when your unit has to undergo frequent repairs
• when you notice frequent cycling on and off
• when your system has gone beyond its estimated useable lifespan- Age (10+ years)
• when you experience uneven temperatures and hear loud noises
• when comfort or humidity problems are observed

How Much and How Long Is a Furnace Repair Procedure?

The cost of a repair will vary depending on the specific damage and necessary replacement parts needed. The time it takes to repair your unit would also be dependent on the damage of the furnace. We understand that this might not be the ideal answer you are looking for, but there is simply no way to give exact numbers without looking at your unit first. This is one of the reasons why Valen Air offer free estimates so you can get the information you need before you move forward with any decisions.

Benefits of Furnace Repair or Replacement

Regardless if it is a repair or replacement, taking time to check and improve the function of your furnace will surely benefit you in the end. Here are some of the benefits that the service can give you:

• Extended Equipment Life
• Lower Utility Bills
• Improved Safety
• Improved Capacity
• Fewer Repairs
Valen Air Furnace HVAC systems
In order to achieve these benefits give the experts at Valen Air a call.

Alternative Ways to Maintain Your Furnace

You can also help yourself improve the performance and extended the lifespan of your furnace. Since most problems involve wear and tear, your thermostat and ignition problems you can look below for things you can do.

• Program your thermostat properly during the winter season and when you are away from home.
• Clean and replace filters
• Make sure that furniture or any materials are not blocking warm-air registers and baseboard heaters.

However, if you do not have the time or unsure of the any suggested procedures mentioned above, it easy to call Valen Air.

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