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Valen Air specializes in AC maintenance, repair, and installation.

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HVAC Services in Port Orange, FL

Valen Air is available to service all of your HVAC SYSTEM needs. You can trust us to address any of your air conditioning repair or hvac issues in a prompt courteous way with a job that is done correctly the first time.

Customer satisfaction and the performance of your air conditioning unit are our number one priorities. This is exactly why our experts consistently deliver high quality air conditioning service at a fair price. Possessing these priorities is what has made us the absolute best in our market. Our certified, licensed service technicians will get things done the proper way, in the fastest possible period of time.

Port Orange’s Valen Air, assures you of premium service at your own convenient hours. We are going to be there when we say we will and we’ll get matters done to revive your ac system in short order. SCHEDULE Your SERVICE NOW by contacting 386-200-4417.


The reason that Consumers Decide on Us for Their Air Conditioning Needs?

There are any number of HVAC repair companies to pick from in the greater Port Orange community. A number of have been around for some time, and others are relatively new to the market, however Valen Air is the area’s recommended choice for first class heating and air conditioning services.

Valen Air offers comprehensive heating and air conditioning repair services, regardless if it is time for the manufacturer advised maintenance, ac installation or emergency repair. Our variety of services combined with experienced technical knowledge will serve you in the best possible way. Here are a number of the excellent experiences our homeowners have commented about:

technician testing air quality
Quality Air

Despite the fact that A C unit owners might perform their own procedures in helping keep home air quality at its best, the service of a trained tech and servicing company can give you peace of mind that every little thing is being carried out the right way.

Helping keep a high air quality sometimes involves beyond just cleaning the air filter. This is where knowledge comes in. Often dust and other pollutants get in the AC unit as well and need to be removed.

The difficult to get to places inside the cooling system may be tough to use with common house cleaning tools. Our specialists have the latest gadgets and materials that can deal with everything and put your equipment back into peak performance.

ac service tech
Reduced Expenses

Our customers have discovered that they save cash when we maintain their AC system at top efficiency.

Not only do they experience decreased operational expenses, a properly working AC system does away with the need for unneeded repairs and replacement parts. Our sophisticated, consistent and time tested process will optimize the life expectancy of your AC system.

Simply put, our service technicians know precisely how to service or repair your AC system, and they’ll make it happen for the very best available rate.

hvac efficiency
Improved Energy Efficiency

One of the highly sought rewards is the increase energy functionality of your home air conditioning system. Though a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) or horsepower system can supply a decreased electric bill, this may not be the best strategy when thinking about your available budget, available space and possible tax credit qualification.

Due to the lack of appropriate maintenance, the efficiency rate of an air conditioner unit could dwindle as time goes by. With our range of services, we may have the chance to bring down that utility bill and help your monthly budget simply by cleaning your system and getting your unit back closer to its initial cooling efficiency.

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Our Services

During our time in the industry, our customers have asked our company for more. Thanks to the demand and our need to satisfy our customers, we provide the following services by our licensed specialists.

  • AC Installment & Repair
  • Valen Air is just a phone call away the minute it’s time to switch out an ailing HVAC system. In the meantime, Valen Air possesses the very best repair technicians in the business. Our skillful technicians have seen it all before. We have access to the best quality and most affordable equipment offered anywhere. Valen Air knows how to keep your home or company cool.
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Just how much do you know about the inside air you inhale. We don’t want our clients to breathe unhealthy contaminants that are known to create health problems. We have conducted air quality and purification tests for countless area households and companies. We can deal with your indoor air quality issues and help you breathe easy again.
  • HVAC System Quotes
  • Before you try investing in an HVAC unit, it’s suggested to permit Valen Air do a price quote and evaluation of your cooling and heating needs. You may check with us to find out what is the best for your present home environment.
  • Annual AIR CONDITIONER System Tune-Ups & Servicing Programs
  • Taking part in Valen Air’s yearly tune-up and preventive maintenance solution is the best way to prevent unwarranted repairs and climbing electrical bills. An annual equipment tune-up is also an excellent way to prolong the cooling and heater life of your existing machine.
  • Duct Cleaning & Repair
  • Poor quality indoor air may influence your health and mood. Dust, mold and particles will inevitably buildup in your duct system. Duct clean-up by a qualified Valen technician will remove harmful pollutants from your system and leave you with a cleaner living atmosphere.
  • Heating unit or Furnace Repair
  • In case you’re sick and tired of arguing with that outdated run-down thermostat in the hall, it’s quite possibly time to give Valen Air a call. Whether or not your HVAC system is getting old or merely suffering from a lack of attention, a Valen expert can easily solve your HVAC issue.

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Choosing a Professional Air conditioner Service company

Valen Air wishes to furnish your home heating and cooling services. Just keep the following factors in mind as you look out for the best company in order to fulfill your home comfort needs:

  • Validate the company’s licensing and insurance standing
  • Look at the customer recommendations and service reports from the HVAC contractor under consideration.
  • Seek out the best offer available, involving rebates on energy efficient equipment that is consistent with the energy efficiency guidelines set up by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Ask for a written quote of service and itemized estimate. This is incredibly helpful in deciding which contractor furnishes the very best service at a realistic price point.

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Get in touch with Valen Air now to line up a home comfort appointment. Valen Air is the best solution for HVAC SYSTEM installation, repair and servicing in the greater Port Orange community. Valen Air is pleased to provide 24 hour emergency repair, equipment replacement, HVAC installation, duct cleaning, preventive maintenance plus air quality testing. Have all your HVAC work accomplished on schedule, every single time. Valen Air provides unrivaled household comfort, convenience and clean air to area homes and businesses.

Call Valen Air in person, online or even on your cell phone. Our customer support experts are ready to address your indoor comfort questions. Feel free to contact
386-200-4417 to arrange HVAC, heating, air conditioning, manufacturer suggested maintenance or ventilation services. Valen Air is ready to serve you and your loved ones. Always remember, our expert craftsmanship is 100 percent guaranteed.


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Port Orange, FL

Valen Air specializes in AC maintenance, repair, and installation. Our many years of expertise in the industry enable us to resolve not just your present a/c needs, but also prepare for any potential technical issues or desires. You will be able to bet on Valen Air to attend to every one of your air conditioning and heating troubles in a fast pleasant manner with a job that is carried out correctly the first time.

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