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Valen Air specializes in AC maintenance, repair, and installation.

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Valen Air is here to service every one of your HVAC SYSTEM needs. You can believe in us to fix any of your air conditioning repair or home heating problems in a quick pleasant way with a job that is completed right the first time.

Homeowner satisfaction and the effectiveness of your air conditioning unit are our number one priorities. This is exactly why our experts continually provide high quality air conditioning service at a fair rate. Possessing these kinds of priorities is what has made us the absolute best in our business. Our certified, licensed service technicians will get things done the right way, in the quickest possible period of time.

Lehigh Acres’ Valen Air, assures you of premium service at your own convenient hours. We will be there when we say we will and we’ll get things done to revitalize your ac system in a flash. SCHEDULE Your SERVICING NOW by contacting us at 239-201-4740.


Exactly why Do Lehigh Acres Locals Favor Valen Air?

There is little shortage of air conditioning service providers to pick in the Lehigh Acres area. The reason that households, business owners and facility managers opt for Valen Air is really pretty simple. Our customers have figured out that Valen Air gives a level of expertise and professionalism that no other HVAC company can duplicate. Our company always deliver value to our customers. We have a passion for assisting Lehigh Acres area homeowners experience the cooling comfort they desire. That’s the way it’s always been, and we are going to keep it that way. Merely getting the job done is not nearly enough. We believe in handling more than what is needed. We endeavor to deliver value to every single customer by providing the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Valen Air provides a complete slate of home heating and air conditioning installation and repair services. Our qualified technicians specialize in the provision of manufacturer recommended maintenance, ac installation and emergency repair services. Our skilled technical knowledge permits us to offer a wide array of heating and central air conditioning services. You’re always in good hands when you depend on Valen to satisfy all of your heating and hvac needs. Just consider a few of the advantages that our homeowners have come to expect:

technician testing air quality
Air Quality

The way your heating and air conditioning system performs truly does matter, and the efficiency of your COOLING AND HEATING system is our leading priority. Sure, we want you and your friends and family to be cool in the summertime and cozy in the winter months, but we also want your air to be clean and your power bill as inexpensive as possible.

In some cases cleaning up your filter system may not suffice. Pollutants and debris can easily collect inside your actual system as well. These substances need to be cleared away for an optimal indoor air quality.

Our professionally trained, certified and licensed technicians really make the difference for consumers, company owners and facility managers.

ac service tech
Reduced Expenses

You can depend on Valen Air to keep your home or business HVAC system operating at peak performance despite the season or weather conditions.

Our qualified specialists can quickly identify what has to be changed and what parts still have plenty of life. We know precisely what to repair because we have your goals in mind.

All of it starts with our passion for home heating and air conditioner installation and repair.

hvac efficiency
Improved Energy Efficiency

Valen Air goes well beyond the minimal standards needed for HVAC system operation. Our homeowners deserve the ultimate in interior comfort. We won’t be satisfied until every single Central Ac unit in [city] is running at optimal efficiency. Not only do we want the home environment of our clients to be fresh and comfortable, our experts intend to make sure that their utility bills don’t get out of hand.

Unfortunately, plenty of Homeowners have found out the hard way that an improperly maintained Air Conditioner system can easily cause the electrical bill to suddenly rise. That’s when Valen Air comes in handy.

We understand how to revitalize peak efficiency to your troubling A C system. For skillful heating and air conditioning installation and repair services, call Valen Air without delay.

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Services We Offer

During our time in the marketplace, our clients have asked our team for more. Due to the demand as well as our need to please our customers, we offer the following services by our skilled specialists.

  • AC Installment & Repair
  • Valen Air is just a phone call away the second it’s time to replace an ailing AC system. In the meantime, Valen Air has the very best repair technicians in the market. Our experienced technicians have seen it all before. We have access to the best quality and most economical equipment offered anywhere. Valen Air knows how to keep your house or business cool.
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Just how much do you know about the indoor air you breathe. We don’t want our customers to breathe harmful contaminants that are recognized to trigger health problems. We have performed air quality and purification assessments for countless area families and companies. We can fix your indoor air quality troubles and help you breathe easy again.
  • HVAC System Estimates
  • It’s suggested that you allow Valen Air to evaluate your existing HVAC system before making a final purchasing selection. A knowledgeable Valen technician will consider your home comfort needs and create a comprehensive installation or repair price quote.
  • Annual AIR CONDITIONER System Tune-Ups & Servicing Programs
  • Taking part in Valen Air’s yearly tune-up and protective maintenance program is the best solution to steer clear of needless repairs and skyrocketing utility bills. An annual equipment tune-up is also a nice way to lengthen the cooling and heater life of your existing machine.
  • Duct Cleaning & Repair Services
  • Poor quality indoor air could alter your health and mood. Dust, mold and debris will inevitably accumulate in your duct system. Duct cleaning by a qualified Valen technician will eliminate harmful pollutants from your system and leave you with a cleaner living atmosphere.
  • Furnace Repair and Servicing
  • Aging and inadequately maintained furnaces are destined to experience wear and tear. Almost every HVAC system seems like to possess its own unique character. Whether or not the issue is a damaged ignition system, a bad burner or a worn thermostat, Valen Air is actually the first place anyone should call.

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Deciding on a Superior Air Conditioning Business

Valen Air would like to furnish your furnace and cooling services. Please keep the following factors in mind as you look out for the ideal company in order to suit your home comfort needs:

  • Review the company’s licensing and insurance information.
  • Take time to go over the consumer testimonials pertaining to the repair company and inquire about their service reports.
  • Find the most suitable offer you might get, paying special attention to rebates that could be offered for buying energy efficient equipment which accommodates the Environmental Protection Agency’s energy efficiency guidelines.
  • Inquire about a written contract of work and itemized estimate. This will make things easier to figure out what company is truly delivering the best price.

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Connect with Valen Air in person, online or on your cellular phone. Our client support specialists are ready to answer your indoor comfort questions. Please phone 239-201-4740 to set up HVAC, heating, air conditioning, manufacturer suggested maintenance or ventilation services. Valen Air wants to provide you and your family. Keep in mind, our professional workmanship is 100 percent guaranteed.


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We are the professionals in air conditioning maintenance, installations and repairs. Our industry expertise permits us to deal with all of your HEATING AND COOLING needs and identify any probable future technical issues. You can bet on us to take care of all your central air and heating troubles fast and with a smile.

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