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HVAC Services in Kissimmee, FL

Valen Air is proud to be a leading service provider of HVAC services within the greater Kissimmee region. Home and business owners have come to trust in our experienced technicians to efficiently deal with aggravating air conditioning and heating problems. Our warm and friendly technicians have made a track record for pinpointing and repairing all major manufacturers of home heating and air conditioning equipment at a reasonable price. We continually aim to do the job right the very first time in our pursuit to provide unrivaled customer service.

Valen is in the heating system and air conditioning business, and we have the qualified technicians to prove it. Our team want to be your HVAC service and repair company. The functionality of your heating or a/c system is our top priority. The Valen customer care guarantee is more than just a slogan. It’s the approach we do business. Give our team a try, and we will do everything in our control to become your chosen HVAC service company for life. We realize that offering superior air conditioning services at a budget-friendly rate is the only method to attain your business.

Valen Air realizes that you live an active lifestyle. That’s why we go out of our way to fulfill your appointment scheduling needs. Delivering top-caliber services in the most convenient manner possible is what Valen Air is all about. A qualified service tech will arrive on time and perform everything possible to get your ac system working properly as quickly as possible. Feel free to call 407-258-2298 in order to arrange for an appointment to have your AC system serviced or repaired. You won’t be dissatisfied.


The reason why Homeowners Consider Us for Their Air Conditioning Needs?

There are any number of HEATING AND COOLING service companies to pick from in the greater Kissimmee area. Many have actually been around for a long time, and others are pretty new to the market, however Valen Air is the area’s most popular choice for premium quality heating and air conditioning services.

Folks choose Valen Air because they realize that we possess the understanding and expertise to resolve challenging to diagnose heating and air conditioning challenges. We have gained our reputation, and we have every intention of maintaining our determination to strive for professional excellence far into the future. We understand that the only way to hold on to clients for a lifetime is to provide them with unprecedented value. That’s the way we do business at Valen Air. We take our customer relationships seriously, and we’re continually searching for new customers to satisfy.

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Air Quality

Even though A C unit owners might perform their own procedures in trying to keep home air quality at its best, the service of a certified tech and servicing company is able to give you satisfaction that every detail is being completed the proper way.

Helping keep a high air quality occasionally calls for beyond just cleaning the air filter. This is where knowledge comes in. Often times dust and other pollutants get in the AC unit as well and have to be cleared away.

The tough to reach areas inside the a/c system could be difficult to use with common home cleaning tools. Our experts have the latest devices and materials that can deal with everything and put your unit back into peak performance.

ac service tech
Saved Money

Our clients have noticed that they save money when we maintain their AC system at peak efficiency.

Not only do they experience reduced operational costs, a correctly performing AC system removes the need for unneeded repairs and replacement components. Our sophisticated, dependable and time tested approach will boost the longevity of your AC system.

Simply put, our company technicians know exactly how to service or repair your AC system, and they will do it for the very best available price.

hvac efficiency
Increase of Energy Efficiency

Valen Air goes well beyond the minimal needed for AC system operation. Our clients ought to have the ultimate in home comfort. We won’t be satisfied until every A/C unit in Kissimmee is functioning at peak performance. Not only do we want the household environment of our customers to be fresh and comfortable, our experts want to make sure that their energy bills don’t get out of hand.

The sad thing is, many Homeowners have gotten to know the hard way that a badly kept Air Conditioner system can easily cause the energy bill to unexpectedly rise. That’s when Valen Air comes in handy.

We understand ways to bring back peak efficiency to your ailing A C system. For skillful heating and air conditioning installation and repair services, call Valen Air without delay.

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Central Ac Installation and Other Services

Without having appropriate maintenance, the efficiency of an AC unit has the tendency to diminish with time. Valen offers the HVAC services listed below in order to help our customers maximize comfort and reduce energy expenses. All services are supplied by licensed and certified experts.

  • AC Installing & Repair
  • The second it’s time to change or service that aging A C unit, Valen is in a position to suggest the most reliable air conditioner units and the most affordable deals in the market.
  • Air Quality Testing
  • All home and business owner ought to recognize whether the air they are breathing in is fresh or dirty. Getting clean air to breathe is an essential part of maintaining good health. Valen Air handles air quality and air purification evaluations to spot the presence of in house pollutants and debris.
  • HVAC System Price quotes
  • It’s recommended that you allow Valen Air to examine your existing HVAC system before making a final buying decision. A skilled Valen technician will consider your home comfort requirements and prepare a complete installation or repair price quote.
  • Annual AIR CONDITIONER System Tune-Ups & Servicing Programs
  • A yearly HVAC system tune-up and preventive servicing program is the optimal way to stretch the life and efficiency of your air conditioning and heating unit. Our professional technicians can help you avoid malfunctions and repairs while cutting down home energy cost.
  • Duct Cleaning & Repair Services
  • The air which you breath in your home matters. Subpar indoor air quality (IAQ) can influence your mood and overall health. Over the time which you live in your home, dust and particles may collect in your duct system. Duct cleaning can clear away the mold, dust and debris from your system so you can breathe easier.
  • Heater or Furnace Repair
  • Does the temperature level in your home not heat when you require it most? If your heating unit doesn’t get the job done properly contact us. Lack of upkeep, wear and tear, ignition issues or a bad thermostat could be the reason. Have one of our company specialists take a look and see if a furnace repair or replacement is required.

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Choosing a High quality Air conditioner Service company

Valen Air would like to be your air conditioning service provider. See to it that you diligently consider the following vital elements before choosing an HVAC company to install or fix your heating or a/c system:

  • Review the company’s licensing and insurance details.
  • Take a look at the homeowner recommendations and service reports for the HEATING AND AIR company under consideration.
  • Look out for the best deal available, incorporating rebates on energy efficient equipment that is consistent with the energy efficiency guidelines established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Inquire about a written proposal of work and itemized estimate. This is really valuable in choosing which service company provides the best assistance at a realistic price point.

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Kissimmee, FL

Valen Air is the indoor air comfort expert. We can assist you with any HVAC situation that comes up in your home or business. It doesn’t matter if your issue is repair, maintenance or installation, we have you covered. The knowledge of our professionals puts our work quality and service over the top and we would definitely love to show you. Get in touch with us right away and uncover what genuine household satisfaction is about.

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