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Valen Air specializes in AC maintenance, repair, and installation.

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Valen Air is available to service every one of your HVAC SYSTEM demands. You can count upon us to address any of your air conditioning repair or heating system difficulties in a quick responsive way with a job that is performed right the first time.

Individual satisfaction and the performance of your air conditioning unit are our top priorities. This is the reason why our staff consistently deliver superior air conditioning service at a reasonable rate. Having these types of priorities is what has made us the absolute best in our industry. Our certified, licensed technicians will get things done the proper way, in the shortest possible period of time.

Clearwater’s Valen Air, assures you of professional service at your own convenient hours. Our experts are going to be there when we say we will and we’ll get things handled to restore your ac system in a flash. SCHEDULE Your SERVICE NOW by contacting us at 727-202-5662.


Reasons why Homeowners Decide on Us when it comes to Their Air Conditioning Needs?

There are any number of AIR CONDITIONER repair companies to choose from in the Clearwater community. Several have been around for awhile, and others are comparatively new to the industry, however Valen Air is the area’s sought after choice for first class heating and air conditioning services.

Valen Air supplies a complete slate of heating and air conditioning installment and repair services. Our professional technicians specialize in the provision of manufacturer recommended maintenance, ac installation and emergency repair services. Our skilled technical knowledge allows us to supply a wide array of heating and air conditioning services. You’re always in good hands when you rely on Valen to satisfy all of your heating and hvac needs. Simply consider a few of the advantages that our customers have come to expect:

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Improved Air Quality

Despite the fact that A C unit owners may perform their own procedures in trying to keep home air quality at its best, the service of a qualified service tech and servicing company can provide you peace of mind that everything is being completed the proper way.

Maintaining a high air quality at times involves more than just cleaning the air filter. This is where expertise comes in. Typically dust and other pollutants get inside the AC unit as well and need to be cleared away.

The tough to reach places inside the air conditioning system may be tough to use with common home cleaning tools. Our experts have the latest gadgets and products that can deal with everything and put your system back into peak performance.

ac service tech
Lower Costs

You can depend on Valen Air to keep your home or business HVAC system operating at peak performance regardless of the season or weather.

Our skilled experts can easily diagnose what should be replaced and what components still have plenty of life. We know what to repair because we have your goals in mind.

Everything starts with our passion for hvac and a/c installation and repair.

hvac efficiency
Increase of Energy Efficiency

One of the highly sought benefits is the increase energy efficiency of your home air conditioning system. Although a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) or horsepower system might deliver a lower power bill, this may not be the best suggestion when thinking about your available budget, available area and potential tax credit eligibility.

Because of the lack of proper maintenance, the efficiency rate of an air conditioning unit might decrease as time goes by. With our stable of services, our team could be able to decrease that utility bill and help your monthly budget simply by cleaning your system and getting your equipment back closer to its original cooling efficiency.

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A/C Installation and Other Services

During our time in the marketplace, our clients have asked us for more. Because of the demand and our need to please our customers, we offer the following services by our skilled experts.

  • Air Conditioning Installation & Repair
  • The instant the need to replace or repair that old A C unit happens, you can unquestionably depend on us to help. Our years of experience in the market allow us to tap our representatives for better options and discounts. We’ll help you get a brand-new unit that will not only meet your home cooling needs but also your budget.
  • Air Quality Testing
  • All home and business owner should recognize whether the air they are breathing is fresh or dirty. Having clean air to breathe is an important part of keeping good health. Valen Air conducts air quality and air purification examinations to recognize the presence of interior pollutants and debris.
  • HVAC System Quotes
  • Before you consider purchasing an HVAC unit, it’s suggested to let Valen Air do a price quote and evaluation of your cooling and heating needs. You can talk to us to find out what is the best for your current home environment.
  • Annual AIR CONDITIONING System Tune-Ups & Servicing Programs
  • To ensure you an extended use of your air conditioner and furnace, our company also addresses your annual system tune-ups and preventive maintenance. This is imperative if you want to keep your system functioning up to its expected life expectancy in an ideal level. This will not only protect you from needless breakdown and repairs, but it will save you money and home energy cost.
  • Duct Cleaning & Repair
  • The air which you breath in your house matters. Subpar indoor air quality (IAQ) can affect your mood and overall health. Over the time which you occupy your home, dust and particles may gather in your duct system. Duct cleaning can remove the mold, dust and debris from your system so you can breathe easier.
  • Furnace Repair and Maintenance
  • Does the temperature level in your home not heat up when you need it most? If your heating unit doesn’t operate correctly call us. Lack of upkeep, wear and tear, ignition challenges or a bad thermostat could be the cause. Have one of our service pros have a look and see if a furnace repair or replacement is needed.

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Dealing with Other Air Conditioning Companies and Services

Valen Air wishes to provide your heating system and air conditioner services. Simply keep the following factors in mind as you look out for the most ideal company to handle your home comfort needs:

  • Validate the company’s licensing and insurance status
  • Take some time to examine the customer recommendations pertaining to the repair company and inquire about their service records.
  • Hold out for the best offered deal. Remember to ask about available rebates on equipment that meets the EPA’s energy efficiency guidelines
  • Ask for a written quote of services and itemized estimate. This is incredibly valuable in deciding which service company furnishes the very best service at a logical price point.

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Clearwater, FL

Valen Air offers AC maintenance, repair, and installation. Our many years of expertise in the industry enable us to resolve not just your present hvac system needs, but also foresee any future technical considerations or wishes. You can count on Valen Air to deal with all your air conditioning and heating concerns in a fast friendly manner with a job which is done right the first time.

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