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COOLING AND HEATING Services in Bradenton, FL

Valen Air is proud to be a premier service provider of HVAC SYSTEM services operating in the greater Bradenton local area. Home and business owners have come to rely upon our skilled specialists to promptly address annoying air conditioning and heating troubles. Our friendly technicians have gotten a track record for identifying and restoring all major companies of heating and air conditioner equipment at a fair cost. We continually strive to do the task correctly the first time in our mission to deliver unequaled customer service.

Valen is in the home heating and air conditioner business, and we have the professional technicians to prove it. We really want to be your HVAC service and repair company. The functionality of your heating or a/c unit is our top priority. The Valen customer service guarantee is much more than an expression. It’s the manner in which we do business. Give our business a try, and we will do anything in our control to become your chosen HVAC service company forever. We recognize that furnishing superior quality air conditioning services at a cost-efficient rate is the only method to earn your business.

Valen Air understands that you have an active life. That is the reason that we go out of our way to meet your scheduling needs. Delivering top-caliber services in the most beneficial manner possible is what Valen Air is all about. A professional technician will arrive promptly and do everything possible to get your ac system functioning properly as quickly as possible. Simply contact us at 941-200-3037 to arrange an appointment to have your AC system serviced or even repaired. You won’t be disappointed.


Reasons why Homeowners Choose Us when it comes to Their Air Conditioning Concerns?

You have numerous Bradenton air conditioning service companies to pick from. The reason people decide on Valen Air is because of our expertise, reliability, and value our experts deliver our clients. This has always held true from day one. Assisting customers with their cooling efficiency concerns has always been a passion. That is the reason that just doing the job is not enough. We go beyond what is needed so we are able to provide you the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

People pick Valen Air because they recognize that we have the understanding and expertise to handle challenging to identify heating and air conditioning challenges. We’ve earned our reputation, and we have every intention of keeping our determination to strive for professional excellence far into the future. We understand that the only way to hang on to clients for a lifetime is to supply them with unparalleled value. That is the way we operate at Valen Air. We take our customer relationships seriously, and we’re constantly searching for new customers to satisfy.

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Improved Air Quality

Generally there are a number of things that home and business owners can do to maintain satisfactory air quality, but only a qualified AC service company possesses the understanding needed to correctly care for an air conditioning system. Ensuring the availability of quality air to breathe involves beyond just cleaning or changing the air filter.

Valen experts have the expertise to extract the dust and pollutants within the AC unit and other hard to get to areas of the cooling system. Our specialists are outfitted with the tools and materials necessary to maintain your HVAC system functioning at peak efficiency.

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Lower Costs

One more benefit that our clients enjoy are reduced fees as a result of unwarranted repair or replacement.

Since we provide an innovative and time tested approach, we are able to optimize the operational lifespan of an Air Conditioning unit.

With the efforts of our experienced air conditioning repair technicians aboard, recurring problems which cause needless cost are mitigated or even eliminated.

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Improved Energy Efficiency

Valen Air goes well beyond the minimal standards needed for AC system operation. Our clients ought to have the ultimate in interior comfort. We won’t be satisfied until every single Central Ac unit in Bradenton is running at top efficiency. Not only do we want the home environment of our clients to become clean and comfortable, our company want to make sure that their power bills don’t get out of hand.

Regrettably, plenty of Homeowners have gotten to know the hard way that a poorly maintained Air Conditioner system could trigger the electric bill to suddenly increase. That’s when Valen Air comes in handy.

We know ways to revitalize peak efficiency to your troubling A C system. For experienced heating and air conditioning installation and repair services, call Valen Air without delay.

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Our Services

Without proper maintenance, the efficiency of an AC unit tends to diminish with time. Valen offers the HVAC services listed below to assist our homeowners maximize comfort and lower energy expenses. All services are supplied by licensed and certified technicians.

  • Air Conditioning Installation & Repair service
  • Valen Air is just a phone call away whenever it’s time to switch out an ailing AC system. In the meantime, Valen Air has the most reliable repair technicians in the market. Our knowledgeable technicians have seen it all before. We have access to the finest and most affordable equipment available anywhere. Valen Air understands how to keep your home or company cool.
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Recognizing the quality of air you are inhaling may be challenging for some homeowners. Here at Valen Air we don’t allow our clients to breathe in volumes of pollutants that may bring on overall health problems. We are more than happy to handle air quality and air purification assessments to help you deal with your indoor air quality issues.
  • HVAC System Quotes
  • It’s suggested that you allow Valen Air to look at your existing HVAC system prior to making a final buying decision. An experienced Valen technician will consider your home comfort needs and create a comprehensive installation or repair quote.
  • Annual HEATING AND AIR System Tune-Ups & Servicing Programs
  • To ensure you a longer use of your air conditioner and heater, our company also addresses your yearly machine tune-ups and preventive maintenance tasks. This is fundamental if you want to keep your system functioning up to its anticipated life expectancy in an ideal level. This will not only protect you from needless breakdown and repairs, but it will certainly save you money and also home energy cost.
  • Duct Cleaning & Repair Services
  • Low quality indoor air may impact your health and mood. Dust, mold and particles will inevitably buildup in your duct system. Duct cleaning by a trained Valen technician will eliminate hazardous pollutants from your system and leave you with a cleaner living environment.
  • Furnace Repair
  • Aging and improperly cared for furnaces are destined to experience wear and tear. Almost every HVAC system seems to have its very own unique character. Regardless if the issue is a faulty ignition system, a bad burner or a worn thermostat, Valen Air is definitely the first place you should call.

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Choosing a High quality Heating and cooling Service provider

We value your business and need to be sure that you know who you are dealing with. Before you deal with any type of contractor ensure to look for the following:

  • Review the company’s licensing and insurance information.
  • Take some time to examine the consumer recommendations of the servicing company and inquire about their service records.
  • Search for the best deal available, incorporating rebates on energy efficient equipment that is consistent with the energy efficiency guidelines established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Ask for a written quote of service and itemized estimate. This is incredibly helpful in determining which contractor delivers the very best service at a sensible price point.

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Call for your Comfort and Convenience Today!

Call Valen Air right now to arrange a home comfort appointment. Valen Air is the best option for HVAC SYSTEM installation, repair and servicing in the Bradenton community. Valen Air is pleased to furnish 24 hour emergency repair, equipment replacement, HVAC installation, duct cleaning, preventive maintenance as well as air quality testing. Have all your A/C work accomplished on schedule, every single time. Valen Air provides unmatched interior comfort, convenience and clean air to area households and businesses.

In person, online, or on your smart phone, whichever way you like to connect with us, Valen Air has you covered. Our customer support staff is ready to address all your hvac matters and address your air conditioning system needs. Just call 941-200-3037 for heating, ventilation and AC or HVAC assistance.


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Bradenton, FL

We are the pros in air conditioning maintenance, installations and repairs. Our market expertise enables us to resolve all of your HEATING AND COOLING needs and recognize any potential future technical problems. You can trust us to deal with all your central air conditioning and heating troubles fast and with a smile.

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