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Valen Air specializes in AC maintenance, repair, and installation.

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Valen Air is available to service all your HVAC needs. You can rely on us to fix any of your air conditioning repair or heating system concerns in a fast courteous fashion with a job that is performed right the first time.

Individual satisfaction and the efficiency of your air conditioning unit are our highest priorities. This is exactly why our team always provide premium air conditioning service at a fair rate. Possessing these priorities is what has made us the best in our business. Our certified, licensed service technicians will get things done the right way, in the quickest possible time.

Bonita Springs’s Valen Air, assures you of good quality service at your own convenient hours. Our experts are going to be there when we say we will and we’ll get matters handled to restore your ac system in a flash. SCHEDULE Your SERVICING NOW by contacting us at 239-230-0085.


Why Do Bonita Springs Individuals Favor Valen Air?

There’s little shortage of air conditioning service providers to choose from in the Bonita Springs area. The reason that consumers, business owners and facility managers prefer Valen Air is really pretty simple. Our customers have discovered that Valen Air gives a level of expertise and professionalism that no other HVAC company can match. We always deliver value to our clients. We have a passion for assisting Bonita Springs area homeowners achieve the cooling comfort they desire. That’s the way it’s always been, and we aim to keep it this way. Merely doing the job isn’t nearly enough. We believe in handling more than what is required. We endeavor to deliver value to every single customer by supplying the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Valen Air supplies a complete slate of heater and air conditioning installation and repair services. Our experienced technicians specialize in the provision of manufacturer recommended maintenance, ac installation and emergency repair services. Our skilled technical knowledge enables us to supply a wide variety of heating and air conditioner services. You’re always in good hands when you rely on Valen to fulfill all of your heating and air conditioning needs. Simply think about a few of the advantages that our customers have come to count on:

technician testing air quality
Quality Air

Generally there are a couple of things that home and business owners can do to keep satisfactory air quality, however, only a qualified AC service company possesses the understanding necessary to correctly maintain an air conditioning system. Making sure the availability of quality air to breathe involves more than just cleaning or changing the air filter.

Valen specialists have the expertise to extract the dust and pollutants within the AC unit and other hard to get to areas of the cooling system. Our experts are outfitted with the tools and components vital to keep your HVAC system running at peak performance.

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Lower Costs

You can rely on Valen Air to keep your home or business HVAC system operating at peak performance despite the season or weather conditions.

Our qualified specialists can easily detect what should be replaced and precisely what components still have plenty of life. We know exactly what to repair because we have your key concerns in mind.

Everything begins with our enthusiasm for furnace and air conditioning installation and repair.

hvac efficiency
Improved Energy Efficiency

Valen Air goes well beyond the minimal specifications required for AC system operation. Our customers should have the ultimate in home comfort. We won’t be satisfied until every single Central Ac unit in Bonita Springs is functioning at top performance. Not only do we want the home environment of our clients to be fresh and comfortable, our company want to ensure that their utility bills don’t get out of hand.

Regrettably, numerous Homeowners have discovered the hard way that an improperly kept AC system could trigger the utility bill to unexpectedly rise. That’s when Valen Air comes in handy.

We understand how to reestablish peak efficiency to your troubling A C system. For qualified heating and air conditioning installation and repair services, call Valen Air now.

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Services We Offer

Without having appropriate maintenance, the efficiency of an AC unit has the tendency to dwindle in time. Valen offers the HVAC services listed below to assist our homeowners maximize comfort and reduce energy costs. All of the services are provided by licensed and certified technicians.

  • Air Conditioning Installation & Repair
  • Whenever it’s time to replace or repair that aging A C unit, Valen is in a position to recommend the most effective air conditioner units and the most reasonably priced deals in the industry.
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Knowing the quality of air you are breathing may be challenging for some homeowners. Here at Valen Air we don’t allow our customers to breathe in volumes of pollutants which may trigger overall health concerns. We are more than happy to handle air quality and air purification testing to help you address your home air quality issues.
  • HVAC System Estimates
  • It’s recommended that you allow Valen Air to evaluate your existing HVAC system prior to making a final buying selection. A professional Valen technician will consider your home comfort requirements and prepare a detailed installation or repair quote.
  • Yearly HVAC System Tune-Ups & Maintenance Programss
  • To guarantee you a longer use of your air conditioner and heating unit, our company also deals with your yearly unit tune-ups and preventive maintenance tasks. This is imperative in order to keep your system functioning up to its expected life expectancy in an optimum level. This will not only save you from unneeded breakdown and repairs, but it will certainly save you money and even home energy cost.
  • Duct Cleaning & Repair Services
  • Poor quality indoor air could alter your health and mood. Dust, mold and debris will inevitably buildup in your duct system. Duct clean-up by a trained Valen technician will clear away hazardous pollutants from your system and leave you with a cleaner living atmosphere.
  • Heater or Furnace Repair
  • In case you’re sick and tired of arguing with that outdated dilapidated thermostat in the hall, it’s perhaps time to give Valen Air a phone call. Regardless if your HVAC system is getting old or just experiencing a shortage of attention, a Valen expert can easily solve your HVAC issue.

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Exactly what to Do Anytime You Need AIR CONDITIONING Services

Valen Air would like to be your hvac expert. See to it that you carefully examine the following significant things before deciding on an HVAC company to install or fix your heating or air conditioner system:

  • Review the company’s licensing and insurance info.
  • Have a look at the consumer referrals and service histories of the COOLING AND HEATING provider under consideration.
  • Hold out for the best offered offer. Always remember to inquire about offered rebates on products that suits the EPA’s energy efficiency guidelines
  • Inquire about a written contract of work and itemized estimate. This will make it more convenient to figure out what company is truly giving the best deal.

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Contact Valen Air right now to arrange for a home comfort consultation. Valen Air is the best pick for A/C installation, repair and servicing in the greater Bonita Springs area. Valen Air is pleased to provide 24 hour emergency repair, equipment replacement, HVAC installation, duct cleaning, preventive maintenance plus air quality testing. Have all your HVAC work accomplished on time, every single time. Valen Air delivers unparalleled interior comfort, convenience and clean air to area residences and businesses.

You can get in touch with a Valen Air member in person, online, or via mobile phone. Our customer support crew is ready to solve all your HVAC concerns and offer the comfort and convenience you deserve. Just contact 239-230-0085 for heating, ventilation, AC or HVAC assistance. We’re STANDING BY to serve you.


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Set an appointment! Call us today! 239-230-0085

Bonita Springs, FL

Valen Air is the indoor air comfort specialist. We can assist you with any HVAC circumstance that appears in your house or business. It doesn’t matter if your issue is repair, maintenance or installation, we have you covered. The knowledge of our technicians places our work quality and service over the top and we would definitely love to show you. Get in touch with us today and discover what genuine household satisfaction is all about.

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