Duct Cleaning and Repair

In order to avoid any potential pollutants or irritants in the air, duct cleaning and repair, if necessary, should be performed. If you would like to improve the quality of air inside your house to avoid any allergies, illnesses, and mold infestation, it is highly advised that you should contact experts for AC duct cleaning along with repair and preventive maintenance. To help you understand further the importance and concept behind duct cleaning and repair, here below are some relevant things you should know.

Air Duct Cleaning

Based on the study made by National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), 6 bedroom house can collect up to 40 pounds of dirt and dust in its air ducts. And with this specific scenario, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warned that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air.

If you would like to avoid any contamination or proliferation of diseases inside your home, it is highly advised that an air duct cleaning should be done along with your cooling system. Air duct cleaning is the process through which professionals, Valen Air, would get rid of all the debris that are found in the air ducts and other parts of the AC unit.

The said activity would mainly include cleaning or treating all the parts of the air distribution system, including vents, registers, and components of the air handler and the evaporator. It is not enough to simply clean one part of an air duct, for neglecting to address the said other components of the air conditioning system will lead to recontamination.

Air Duct Repair

Valen Air duct work
Apart from the issues associated with the AC unit itself, air duct concerns may also occur. Duct Leakage, Under-Insulated Ducts, Unbalanced Air Flow are some of the common issues that may happen to your air ducts.
If you would like to get rid of the said duct concerns, it would be best to call experts to handle the issues for you. Air duct repair is intended not just to improve the air quality and AC unit’s function at home, but it would also assure you of avoiding potential severe air duct and AC unit issues in the future.

With regards to both duct cleaning and repair, it would always be better to let experts handle the process. The expertise and experience of experts would usually make a difference, so Call Them Now.

Air Duct Cleaning Process

Air duct cleaning process is not simply removal of dirt within the ducts. The cleaning process would normally go behind dirt removal. The following steps for a full service air duct cleaning are outlined below to give you more idea of the tedious process that would greatly benefit your health, comfort, and convenience.


  • The process of cleaning air ducts would include testing of the system for proper operation. After the testing process, power would then be disconnected for safety purposes.
  • Experts would then vacuum the interior surfaces of the air conditioner as a starting procedure of air duct cleaning.
  • Apart from the interior surfaces, cooling coils will also be performed by means of HEPA vacuum and coil cleaner.
  • Lastly, the blower unit will also be inspected and cleaned as well.


  • In this part of the process, you should be expecting of removal of the wall, ceiling, and floor registers.
  • It would then be followed by washing of the register with dynamite cleaner. Afterwards, the rinsing process would start.


  • With the help of powerful duct cleaning equipment, all air ducts will be cleaned by technicians.
  • The process of decontamination will then follow, and it would normally be done with the help of Soot set sealant and odor kill deodorizer.


  • The last process would largely include the removal of odor. It would also guarantee longer period of good air quality and smell.

Air Duct Repair Process

As an overview, Duct System Testing, Sealing, Insulation, and Installation of Transfer Grills for balance duct work system are the most common repair procedures that you may want to be performed at home in order to solve your air duct issues.

However, the process for air duct repair would vary depending on the particular damage or the entire cooling system status. That is why it is highly advised to always call for help when you notice any changes or inefficient functioning of the AC ducts. Similar to the air duct cleaning process, the procedure for AC repair could also be tedious and complex, which is why you should CALL EXPERTS FOR HELP to avoid further damaging your cooling system.

Necessity of Duct Cleaning and Repair Tools

If you would like to secure your cooling system from any potential damages or even to improve the air quality inside your home, necessary tools or equipment should be provided to commence any cleaning or repair procedure.

In the context of duct cleaning, necessary tools should be ready to clean ducts and ventilation shafts of your home. And this would lead to a much safer indoor air that is free of dust bunnies and other potentially harmful and dangerous clots.

All in all, a do-it-yourself cleaning and repair process for the duct and cooling system would require you to purchase Access tools, Inspection Tools, Hand Cleaning Tools, Vacuum Collection Devices, HEPA & Wet Vacuums. However, it would be more costly if you would be purchasing such materials which will only be used periodically.

That is why it is highly practical to HIRE THE SERVICE OF EXPERTS and their equipment rather than purchasing it for rare use. The professionals at Valen Air possess wide range of tools and equipment that would go along with their expertise and experience.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning and Repair

AC duct cleaning and repair have wide range of benefits for you. As mentioned above, if you wanted to have a better air quality at home, duct cleaning would be very helpful. The process one regularly performed by experts would lead to the reduction of dust in your home. This will not only benefit your health, but also your sensitive gadgets or appliances at home.

Together with the cleaning process, energy efficiency and savings will also be gained through duct repairs and maintenance. If you would like to experience the promising benefits of cleaning and repair procedures applicable to your AC unit, Simply Call 813-308-0512 For an Appointment, Valen Air will assure you comfort and convenience.

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