Air Quality Testing

One aspect of a healthy home is a healthy air. Based on a study made by an environmental protection agency, poor indoor air quality poses a bigger threat than outdoor air pollution. It was found that indoor air pollutants can be as  much as 100 times higher compared to outdoor pollutants. This shows that it is very important for homeowners to pay attention to the quality of air that they breathe every day.

Benefits of Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Since dirt in the air is not that visible to the naked eye, it is highly advisable that quality testing be done for the air in your home. Apart from the fact that your AC unit helps in air distribution, an air conditioning unit left unchecked could lead to poor air quality. That is why your unit should also be checked along with the air quality indoors.

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By maintaining a clean AC unit and healthy indoor air, your home environment will likely feel the following benefits outlined below. Valen Air is here to help and ready to assist you if your looking for any of these benefits.

  • Increased comfort
  • Decreased adverse health effects
  • Cleaner smell, reduced odors
  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Lower energy costs

Simple Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The air in your home affects everyone in your home. Below are some of the steps you can take to assure a much cleaner indoor environment.


Not known to everyone, chemicals and allergens can accumulate inside your house for decades. By vacuuming, you may reduce the concentration of such chemicals, dust and dirt within your home. It is often suggested by experts that you use a vacuum that has strong suction, rotating brushes and filters to ensure that the dirt and dust will not simply be blown back out into the air.


By mopping the place, you are actually picking up the dirt and dust that are left behind. You can simply use plain water to complement your mop, soap, vinegar or other cleaning agents that you prefer. There are also specialized mops with specific fibers that can remove a greater amount of grime left on the floor if you like.

Use Some Mats

It is also important that you place floor mats in your house. This is beneficial in keeping dirt from shoes or sandals from fully entering your place. Your floor mat can stop dust and other outdoor dirt which could pollute the air.

AC Unit Tune-Up

Another thing to consider in increasing indoor air quality is the condition of your cooling system. Your cooling system or AC unit is one of the many avenues through which dust and other pollutants may hide. That is why it is always best to schedule a cleaning and preventive maintenance in order to increase the performance of your AC unit, which will greatly affect the quality of air inside your home.

The items mentioned above are some of the most necessary procedures to take in order to increase the quality of air inside your home. However, more than anything else, it would be best to let experts first inspect the status or the current indoor air quality.

Through the help of the result of the air testing, you may be able to see the bigger picture of the environment in your home. If you would like to find out what the quality of your air is, call us now at one of our convenient locations.

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