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Valen Air specializes in AC maintenance, repair, and installation.

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Valen Air is here to service all your HVAC needs. You can count on us to address any of your air conditioning repair or heating issues in a fast friendly manner with a job that is done right the first time.

Customer satisfaction and the performance of your air conditioning unit are our top priorities. This is why we always provide quality ac service at a fair price. Having these priorities is what has made us the best in our industry. Our certified, licensed technicians will get things done the right way, in the fastest possible time.

Tampa’s Valen Air, assures you of a quality service at your own convenient hours. We will be there when say we will and we’ll get things done to restore your ac system fast. SCHEDULE Your SERVICE NOW by calling 813-308-0512.

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Why People Choose Us for Their Air Conditioning Needs?

You have many Tampa air conditioning service companies to choose from. The reason people go with Valen Air is because of our expertise, professionalism, and value we provide our customers. This has always been the case from day one. Helping customers with their cooling efficiency needs has always been a passion. That’s why just getting the job done is not enough. We go beyond what is required so we can give you the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Valen Air offers complete heating and air conditioning repair services, whether it is time for the manufacturer recommended maintenance, ac installation or emergency repair. Our wide range of services coupled with skillful technical knowledge will serve you in the best possible way. Here are some of the great experiences our customers have commented about:

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Improved Air Quality

Although A C unit owners may perform their own procedures in keeping home air quality at its best, the service of a qualified technician and servicing company can give you peace of mind that everything is being done the right way.

Keeping a high air quality sometimes requires more than just cleaning the air filter. This is where expertise comes in. Sometimes dust and other pollutants get inside the AC unit as well and need to be removed.

The hard to reach areas within the cooling system may be difficult to use with ordinary home cleaning tools. Our techs have the latest gadgets and materials that can take care of everything and put your unit back into peak efficiency.

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Reduced Unnecessary Expenses

Another benefit that our customers enjoy are decreased costs due to unnecessary repair or replacement.

Since we provide a sophisticated and time tested approach, we are able to optimize the usable lifespan of an AC unit.

With the efforts of our professional air conditioning repair technicians on board, recurring issues which cause unnecessary expense are mitigated or even eliminated.

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Increase of Energy Efficiency

One of the highly sought benefits is the increase energy efficiency of your home air conditioning system. Although a higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) or horsepower system may give a lower electricity bill, this may not be the best idea when considering your available budget, available space and possible tax credit eligibility.

Due to the lack of proper maintenance, the efficiency rate of an air conditioning unit may dwindle as time passes by. With our range of services, we may be able to lower that electric bill and help your monthly budget by cleaning your system and getting your unit back closer to its original cooling efficiency.

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AC Installation and Other Services

During our time in the industry, our customers have asked us for more. Due to the demand and our need to satisfy our customers, we offer the following services provided by our licensed technicians.

  • Air Conditioning Installation & Repair
  • When the need to replace or repair that old A C unit comes around, you can definitely count on us to help. Our years of experience in the industry enable us to tap our associates for better options and deals. We’ll help you get a new unit that will not only fit your home cooling needs but also your budget.
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Knowing the quality of air you are breathing may be tricky for some homeowners. Here at Valen Air we don’t allow our customers to breathe in volumes of pollutants that may lead to health issues. We are more than willing to perform air quality and air purification testing to help you resolve your indoor air quality concerns.
  • HVAC System Estimates
  • Before you try purchasing an HVAC unit, it’s recommended to let Valen Air do an estimate and assessment of your cooling and heating needs. You may contact us for analysis and evaluation to learn what is the best for your current home environment.
  • Annual AC System Tune-Ups & Maintenance Programs
  • To guarantee you a longer use of your air conditioner and heater, our company also covers your annual system tune-ups and preventive maintenance. This is essential in order to keep your system functioning up to its expected lifespan in an optimum level. This will not only save you from unnecessary breakdown and repairs, but it will save you money and home energy cost.
  • Duct Cleaning & Repair
  • The air that you breath in your home matters. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can affect your mood and overall health. Over the time that you live in your home, dust and debris can gather in your duct system. Duct cleaning can remove the mold, dust and debris from your system so you can breathe easier.
  • Furnace Repair
  • Does the temperature in your home not heat up when you need it most? If your heater doesn’t work properly give us a call. Lack of maintenance, wear and tear, ignition problems or a bad thermostat could be the cause. Have one of our service experts take a look and see if a furnace repair or replacement is needed.

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Dealing with Other Air Conditioning Companies and Services

We value your business and want to be sure that you know who you are dealing with. Before you deal with any company be sure to look for the following:

  • Check for licensing and insurance requirements.
  • Take time to check the customer references of the servicing company and inquire about their service records.
  • Look for the best deal available, including rebates on energy efficient equipment that is consistent with the energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Ask for a written proposal of work and itemized estimate. This is very useful in deciding which company offers the best service at a reasonable price point.

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Valen Air is the best choice for your heating and air conditioning needs. We proudly provide services like emergency 24 hour repair, installation, replacement, cleaning and maintenance of your cooling system. We will help you breathe in cleaner air, while you save money and time. When Valen Air is your air conditioning service option, you can relax while we deliver you comfort and convenience.

In person, online, or on your mobile phone, whichever way you like to communicate with us, Valen Air has you covered. Our customer service team is ready to answer all your hvac questions and address your cooling system needs. Simply dial 813-308-0512 for heating, ventilation and AC or HVAC assistance.


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Valen Air specializes in AC maintenance, repair, and installation. Our years of experience in the industry allow us to address not just your present hvac needs, but also anticipate any future technical considerations or desires. You can count on Valen Air to address all your air conditioning and heating issues in a fast friendly manner with a job that is done right the first time.

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